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Some Promising Features

  • Admin manageable service listing with price and add ons for
  •  Dynamic Price Calculation Methods
  • Easy and smooth Admin panel
  • Registered and Guest User Checkout
  •  Monthly and Weekly Schedule
  •  Off time for specific date & time range
  •  Off days for full day off
  •  Registered and Guest Customers listing with there booking Details

We also provide

  •  Add-ons for each Services
  •  Coupon discount
  •  Recurring discounts
  • Tax/Vat
  •  PDF Invoice
  •  Auto Confirm Booking
  • Add Breaks in schedule

  • Email Reminders
  •  SMS Reminders
  •  Partial Amount Deposit
  • Methods and Units design templates
  •  Multi-currency supported
  •  Multi-language supported
  •  One page Checkout

Effective strategies

An individual map is created according to the customized needs of the clients for achieving scalable results.

Proactive Management

Expert Project managers are assigned in order to manage all team and manage all progress of projects time by time.

Cost Effectiveness

Our goal is to provide Affiliate Marketing services, which maximize your ROI and keep your costs down.

Post Sale Support

We provide FREE POST SALE SUPPORT in order to ensure that delivered work is fully tested and standard too.

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